Thursday, December 01, 2011

Bolognese, please!

It's been a while. Lots of ups and downs, but ever moving on! New babies and recently a new puppy! He is a Bolognese and he is seven months old! I swear he is the best natured dog I have ever seen! He even shares the food from his bowl with Max our 13 month old baby human.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Bead Journal Page for June

Well, I finally, almost finished the page for June day before yesterday. I only have Eva's wings to finish but I am waiting on the beads. I wasn't so sure how much I like it when I look at it in my hand but I am kinda happy with it in the picture. Is that normal?? This piece is sort of literal journaling. My baby Beatrix (AKA Bea) Valentine turned 5 this month...hence the bee and the heart. I also found these neat plastic pockets in the scrapbook aisle that I attached and added her birthday picture. That sums up the top half, the bottom from left to right is the team names my kids were on for their first karate camp experience.
The E with wings is in memory of my aunt Eva that passed away June 7th. She was a pistol! She is the person I turn into after I have had a few too many. I miss her, she was the Cap'n Jack of our family and she is sorely missed. Plus she had the best stories, told from a completely different point of view, about my daddy growing up. I wanted to use gilt lined opal beads for the wings but I only had 15's on, no, I really wanted to finish in a timely manner! So, I have ordered 11's.
he July page has taken a different turn. I have decided this month is not biographical. It's hard to map out a piece about monthly events at the beginning of the month. I was lucky not much else went on in June. July is more stylised, meaningful to me but hopefully less pressure.
Did I mention I chose 6"x6"?? That seeemed right in theory, execution was intimidating! I am glad that I stuck with it though, I needed the space. I will stick it out for the duration, just getting it finished is a challenge. I does feel great to complete a page.
I cannot wait to see the end result, not only each month but when I have all 432 sq. inches completed!!!!
I really hope to increase my self confidence in my work. I am constantly second guessing and way too critical.
I have to give credit to the wonderful women that taught me bead embroidery Judith Bertoglio-Giffin taught me the basics a few years ago (7 , I think) and Beverly Herman reinforced my confidence and technique over the years. They are both wonderful teachers and friends.
Guess I need to post more often. I seem to get a little wordy when I leave it this long!

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Well, we went to Chicago last weekend. We had a blast! I met up with some internet friends that I had been talking(typing) to for many years. I don't have a picture one of the group that I took myself because D. took the camera with him. He took the kids for the day! First stop was the American Girl Place. They took the El and had a great time. It's funny because I (until recently) was always terrified of public transport, the kids are in love with it! The first question when we are prepping for a trip is what kind of 'subway' the city has available.

I would love to show you pictures but I am oblivious as to how you get the still pictures off the video camera disc.! I make myself tired!

Anyway, The kids had a wonderful day. Jack, ever so patiently, put up with the 3 girls for about 3 hours at the American Girl Place. We had tried to get reservations for everyone to eat at the cafe they have on site. No go. Well, no go that is until D. asks the girl working the recepton if she could possibly have a spot for them. Miraculously, if they went in right that moment she could get them in. He said it was crazy full with all these little girls and their moms. Of course Jack and Darren were the only males except for the help.

It was so cute! They had these little place settings for the A.G.D. and high chairs for them, everything! B. bought her first American Girl....she chose Molly! Bea also promptly left Molly's glasses at the shop! Sadie went over budget and Sophie came in under.

They all loaded up after and took off for the Shedd! This was Jack's turn! One of the ladies in our group had arranged free tickets to the aquarium! He got to see the sharks and to tell you the truth that is what he came for, that and the food!

We all went to the Field museum on sunday. That was a lot of fun. Too much to see! We had a full day. The weather was so very, very cold coming out of the museum. D had brought the car around and had the heat on full blast. The moment I shut the car door ALL of the O2 in my lungs was suckd out and they refused to cooperate the rest of the trip!

We left the next day, I was feverish and not breathing well. I like to refer to it as Bevvie lung! You know go on vacation and come down with the 'my lungs won't work ' disease. I still managed a pitstop in Skiatook, OK. to buy beads. The net day I got into the dr.s and was diagnosed with acute bronchitis. I still managed to make it to class not too terribly late. I also managed to wrangle a note that will cover the days I missed from school so now they are excused!
That is a brief run down of last weekend!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


We have been busy around here lately, last week we tried our hand at dyeing our own yarn.

These are two examples - Guess who did which. I will get the other 2 up later today and mine, too.
Now, if my knitting fingers of fury would just start flying! I have a gift I need to make out of bits of the yarn I will show later.

The kids had a ball doing this! Jack used tools like spoons and paintbrushes so his hands looked perfectly normal after the escapade. I didn't and it looked like I had helped out the E. bunny. Sophie didn't fair much better than I did, Sadie came away relativly unscathed. I am not sure how because she was in it up to her elbows! Bea had splashes of color and proudly displayed her multicolored hands to all that would look.

Sadie made a snowlady out of cotton balls that had been unrolled, soaked in glue/water combo and then formed last week. I think today the rest of us will do some damage to the 2 bags of cotton balls I bought last weekend. I also need to repair the stocking I made a couple of years ago for Sadie. Seems as though Beastie decided to wrench the toys from Santa's bag. I get to put them back. I can't help but think it won't be as easy as it was the first time. I wonder why Bea doesn't have her own felt stocking? Maybe because I am so busy sewing repairs to the others she trys to deconstruct?